what a Currito should be

Our restaurants are one part urban cafe and one part neighborhood hangout. The design is sophisticated enough to do the food justice and casual enough to become part of the neighborhood. Currito has lightning quick service, but the clean lines and warm tones make our restaurants beautiful, contemporary and relaxing. All of our inline locations offer free WI-FI access, which encourages our customers to view Currito as more than just a restaurant.

potential sites for currito include
  • High traffic strip centers
  • Central business districts
  • Regional shopping centers
  • College campuses
  • Airports and hospitals
demographic requirements for currito sites include:
  • Median Household Income greater than $60,000
  • 40% + College Educated in 3 miles
  • Strong mix of daytime and residential population
  • A typical Currito floor plan is 1800—2500 square feet for an inline location and 600—800 square feet for a food court location. End cap locations with potential for patio seating and ample parking are preferred.