Saddle up for hot wing flavor. Join the herd.

Why let your eyes roam any farther? The buffalo delivers all American flavor in burrito form.

Available in a flour tortilla or a bowl. Substitute ranch for blue cheese celery slaw. Substitute a wheat tortilla in any burrito.

  • 1075%20bh_cur%20currito1351 blue cheese celery slaw
  • Cilantro-lime-rice cilantro lime rice
  • Lettuce romaine lettuce
  • Scallions scallions
  • Buffalo-sauce buffalo sauce
  • Flour-tortilla flour tortilla
meat options:
  • Chicken grilled chicken
  • Steak grilled steak
  • Barbacoa-braised-beef braised beef
  • Carnitas-pulled-pork pulled pork
  • Tofu organic tofu