Hummus and feta? We're not in Mexico anymore, Tito.

Extend your palate with a multicultural blend of Mediterranean flavors conveniently wrapped in Mexico’s premiere carrying case.

Available in a wheat tortilla or a bowl. Substitute a flour tortilla in any burrito.

  • Currito-skinny-vinaigrette skinny mediterranean vinaigrette
  • Brown-rice brown rice
  • Pico-de-gaillo pico de gallo
  • Hummus house made hummus
  • Cucumber cucumber
  • Feta-cheese feta cheese
  • Wheat-tortilla whole wheat tortilla
meat options:
  • Chicken grilled chicken
  • Steak grilled steak
  • Barbacoa-braised-beef braised beef
  • Carnitas-pulled-pork pulled pork
  • Tofu organic tofu